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Click Here to Ask a Question by Email. I have a beautiful Harmony DeLuxe soprano ukulele made out of solid mahogany. It is obviously quite old, well made, and, judging by the scarcity of available information about it, pretty rare. I am having a very hard time finding out anything about it at all: its age, history, etc. Can you help me? Answer: That is a very nice ukulele you have.

Dating Harmony Baritone Ukulele

It confirmed the dating of some guitars I have. When I was online dating. I have been trying top keep you up to date with. S harmony baritone ukulele with.

As John Croft, the Ukulele Man* puts it “investigating such matters is a much of their manufacturing to Harmony and possibly other suppliers.

Order your copy today! Something I picked up a while ago here online, decided to post it in the group because it’s a handy piece of information. Let’s face it, dating Harmony guitars can be a challenge at times, and we all want to know when our guitars rolled off the line in Chicago back in the day! Here is one of the last instruments left for sale of the ones which appear in my book Call order today!

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I’m hoping that this thread is OK here because I couldn’t figure out where else to put it. I’m looking to get a uke for my wife. I also plan to play around with it I have already looked at quite a few online. There are no stores in the local area that sell them.

I recently acquired a Harmony Monterey Model H mandoiin. could also mean the Ukulele- Violin department and Spring 2nd shift.

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Value for Money. Regal were the cheap and cheerful brand of their day the 20s through to the s making inexpensive ukuleles often decorated with cartoon characters, cowboys or other scenes. They got themselves a big endorsement when they hooked in Johnny Marvin. Hey thanks for the site! My boyfriend broght me home a little Regal Uke the other day.

Looks like cheap standard machine fare, but sounds great!

Martin Ukulele Style 2 Mahogany Image 1 c. Martin Ukulele Because they don’t have serial numbers, dating older Martin ukes is more an art than a science. This uke has the Harmony Ukulele Canoe Stencil. $​

Ask our team of specialists a question. If you want information about a vintage ukulele, it really helps if we have pictures. All questions will be answered via email, sent to the address you provide on the form or in your email. On this page, we will display some of the questions and answers. If you prefer not to have your question displayed publicly on this page, just let us know when you write us.

Although this page is only updated occasionally, we answer questions by email on an regular ongoing basis. Note that our area of expertise is American and Hawaiian made ukuleles from the s or earlier. Click Here to Ask a Question by Email. Or just email your question and photos to us at: history at ukulele dot org. Do you want more information about a historic ukulele player or manufacturer? Do you want to share historic ukulele information with us? Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

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I make no guarantee as to accuracy! As more sources of information are found, this will change. If you find an error or have additional information to add, please let me know.

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Kamaka ukuleles have been made since , so if you are fortunate enough to have inherited an older model, you may be curious about when it was made. From to , date stamping was used on the interiors of the instruments. And beginning in , Kamaka Hawaii began using serial numbers. But if numbers have worn off, or for the period from to , you will need to look for other clues to determine when your Kamaka uke was made.

As a reference, please visit the Historic Kamaka Ukes Gallery for examples of early Kamaka ukuleles from the family’s private collection. In dating Kamaka ukuleles, the headstock decal and the interior label are significant. The trademark “double K” decal was used on Kamaka ukuleles beginning in This decal was used in conjunction with an interior gold label bearing the words “Kamaka Ukulele” in red and black lettering that matched the font of the decal. This combination of decal and label was used until


Frederick W. Oster, founder of Vintage Instruments and a Philadelphia-based musical instrument dealer and appraiser for more than 40 years. Whether you stumble upon an old musical instrument in the attic that you played in a rock band when you were young…or something at a yard sale that a musician played in a string quartet a century ago, it may have significant value as long as it still is in good, playable condition. In fact, some vintage instruments are worth thousands of dollars because they are prized by collectors and musicians.

Post—World War II instruments do not have to be made by a famous company such as Fender or Gibson see below to have substantial value. Harmony Hollow-Body Electric guitars.

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Email : theukuleleman. Always let me know if you are looking for an instrument that I do not currently have listed for sale. I will always do my best to find you a really good example. If you have a nice instrument that you are thinking of selling and you would like to sell it on my website, please telephone me on. I am always looking to sell good quality Banjo Ukes and Ukuleles as well as any other nice instruments.

50’s – In the symmetrical decal described above, in the cream colored field, below “Harmony” – “made by” is removed and “reg. u.s. pat. office no ” is added.

As a hybrid descendant of the historic guitar line, it started its ascent in popularity with sugar cane field workers from the Atlantic Portuguese island of Madeira landing in Pacific Hawaii in Many of the first immigrants became infatuated with the island and its diverse, cosmopolitan atmosphere and stayed after their contracts had ended. All these instruments are part of a family of small guitar-like instruments dating from the 18th century. Dias opened a small shop making and repairing musical instruments in His son, Leonardo, took over at the end.

The little instrument became an almost instant hit among the native Hawaiians. Even the royal family of Hawaii, including popular Princess Victoria Kaiulani took to playing it. When and why it was changed to my-dog-has-fleas is one of those little mysteries that always leads to more questions than answers.

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