AfriDate: New Dating App Connects Africans in Diaspora Looking for Love

A new dating app on the market will allow singles of the African Diaspora to find potential suitors based on their nationality or ethnicity from any corner of the world. Called AfriDate , the application just might be a total game-changer when it comes to dating digitally in the twenty-first century. While black singles see less successful matching rates on already well-known dating apps like Tinder, AfriDate seeks to put black culture at the center. For the blacks of every age demographic, this means greater use of their time and energy pursuing people more likely to be successful matches for users. The popularity of dating apps shows that while black singles are busy trying to land jobs, own businesses and live out their dreams,. For people of the Diaspora, dating someone within the same nationality or ethnicity is often an important factor. AfriDate strives to complement dating traditions native to diaspora communities to promote love beyond borders. Tailored specifically for persons of African descent, including black expats, immigrants, and travel enthusiasts, the app assists users in finding prospective matches of their ethnic preference, near and far, with ease. The pair jointly run Happii, a startup studio that partners with aspiring founders to oversee the design, development, and management of new app businesses.

Here Are The 11 Most Popular Dating Apps In Kenya

The Authority aims to achieve this by improving and simplifying tax payment processes, ensuring effective and efficient tax administration as well as enhancing Border Control services. As a Tax Agency, we intend to increase our customer satisfaction levels, encompassing our taxpayers in the Diaspora. As such, KRA has an International Relations and Diplomacy Office IRD ; which seeks to provide support through nurturing, sustaining and leveraging relationships with multilateral and bilateral partners based in various locations where our citizens are based.

Introduction South Africa and Kenya currently have cordial relations as exhibited by a bilateral agreement signed by the Department of Science and Call for Participation: South Africa-Kenya Diaspora Colloquium Date: 23 November

Single journey visas for Kenya are still valid for travels within Tanzania and Uganda as long as you do not leave the boundaries of these countries. At the moment they do not need if they are below 16 years of age and are traveling in the company of parents. Any visitor to Kenya except from the countries listed under Referred Visas may apply for a visa online eVisa. The link is www.

Visas are also available at any port of entry to Kenya, provided the applicant meets the usual immigration requirements. NB: The process of obtaining visas on arrival is long and tedious, and is being phased out. Visitors are, therefore, strongly advised to obtain eVisas before departure. Single journey visas for Kenya are still valid for re-entry from Tanzania and Uganda as long as you do not leave the boundaries of these countries.

A transit visa is required for visitors who leave the airport or seaport for the specific purpose of travelling to a third country i. The visa is valid for three days 72 hours. Applicants may also forward all the required documents through the post, preferably through registered mail or courier arrangement. No, in addition to the visa endorsement, the visitor is issued with a visitor’s pass free of charge at the port of entry.

The visitor’s pass gives the period of time the visitor should stay in the country, with a maximum of 3 months.

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Since the first case of COVID was reported in Kenya on March 13, , the country just like other countries in the world, has been experiencing massive destruction of the economy in terms of GDP decline and job losses Odhiambo et al. COVID has negatively impacted the Kenyan economy as seen in the performance of the financial markets, disruption of global supply chains, volatility of the Kenyan currency, reduction in diaspora remittances, and reversal of prior monetary and fiscal policies.

Since the first reported case, a majority of foreign investors who had made huge investments in Kenyan securities at the Nairobi Stock Exchange, started disposing off their securities fearing a market collapse, leading to a huge slump on the securities prices traded at the Exchange Karungu, et al. The NSE Share Index has been steadily losing its value declining by basis points between 15 th March and 15 th May , a trend that is mirrored in the performance of the Kenyan economy.

Moreover, as shown in the table below the Year to Date YTD performance of some of the large-cap stocks or Blue-Chip companies on the exchange as at 15 th May have been on a dramatic decline. It is important to note that the Blue Chips typically record huge losses in their YTD performance during times of local crisis as investors sell-off their stocks and shift to less risky havens as opposed to holding other risky securities traded in the Nairobi Securities Market NSE see Odhiambo et al, a.

EAST AFRICA – Three months from the issuance date; No Visa is required for persons on direct transit and will not be leaving the airport. Visas are issued within.

The Department of Immigration rolled out issuance of the e-Passport with effect from 1st September Holders of valid manual passports dark-blue in colour will be allowed to use them until 01st March , after which they will be rendered invalid. Passport applicants who are 18 years old and above must be holders of a valid Kenya National Identity Card ID card to be able to apply. Parents who hold a valid ID card can apply for their children who are under the age of If you do not have an ID card or you lost it and only have a laminated copy, you must obtain an ID card first before applying for the ePassport.

All passport applications must be made on the Department of Immigration Services page www.

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This implies that there could be a problem with your email address, update your details with correct email by sending an email to info khcbotswana. Visit the homepage of this website to see requirements on application for emergency travel documents. Diaspora Questions. Answers to your Questions.

Thus, promoting positive social change in encouraging Kenyan Diaspora women to engage in HIV testing to ensure they were safe for Date of Conferral.

With the current online social media landscape, there is no excuse for not having a social network of people that you interact with and get inspiration from. It is becoming increasingly important to have a social network of people who you can get feedback from, especially if you are an entrepreneur or are running a business in the African diaspora. Understand that it is important to keep the contacts in your network up to date because people often move from place to place.

There is a myriad of social media networks that can be used to build your network of potential business partners or mentors that you may need to get to the next level of success. On the other hand, there is always the old school method of going to workshops or conferences to build that network of support as well.

One of the ways for creating a networking relationship in the diaspora is by attending conferences or workshops where people who are interested in similar things as you are meeting. For example, there are Black Hair Expos that meet annually for people who are interested in all things concerning black hair. These expos and conventions make it easier to start networking with people who have similar interests and helps in keep that connection going by attending those conventions annually.

Having a business card that you can exchange with people at these gatherings can be useful and a quick way to exchange contacts. Although it may be more difficult for people who live in the diaspora to attend such workshops and conventions, there are other ways of creating and building your network for potential future partnerships. Social media is now one of the most utilized tools for building a network.

It is a crucial tool for keeping your network organized and up to date.

4th Pan African Youth Conference 2020

For Visa applications submitted by post processing takes Five 5 working days and dispatched on the sixth 6th day from the date of receiving the parcel. Those who wish to work in Kenya paid or unpaid require authorization from the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi. For more information, please visit The Department of Immigration Services on www.

The possession of a visa for Kenya is not the final authority to enter Kenya. The following categories of visas are issued at the Mission, select your visa option below and read the information carefully, as it contains vital information for your visa application.

To date Kenyans continue to migrate in search of better economic opportunities, resulting in a major brain drain. The number of Kenyans abroad is estimated to be.

Nurturing of the relationship between South Africa and Kenya is important in order to ensure the successful and effective use of science, technology and innovation STI as tools for development and strengthening of research collaboration between the two countries. There is an opportunity for the DST and NACOSTI to advance engagements and focus on the implementation of activities agreed to under the signed joint plan of action, an instrument used to document steps that need to be taken to achieve goals in the partnership.

Collaboration between the two science academies is an added advantage that can strengthen the strong partnership created by academics in both countries. Over the past few years, there has been a shift towards the realization of the importance of science and technology as tools for developing nations, particularly in Africa. Threats such as climate change, food insecurity, and the burden of disease, are among the major challenges facing humanity at a global level, calling for the alignment of STI with the practice of governance and diplomacy.

The objective of the colloquium is to attract Kenyan entrepreneurs, senior and young researchers and scientists in the social, physical and natural science fields working in South African research organisations, universities and the private sector. Travel support: Limited funding is available to support participants located outside Gauteng. To express your interest in attending the meeting, please register using the link provided below: South Africa-Kenya Diaspora Colloquium Registration Form.

The requested information provided by the applicants will be used to assess eligibility to participate in the colloquium. Only successful applicants will receive an official letter of invitation confirming their attendance. The deadline to submit your expression of interest to attend the meeting is Tuesday, 13 November Email: This email address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Objective Over the past few years, there has been a shift towards the realization of the importance of science and technology as tools for developing nations, particularly in Africa.

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Herzig, Pascale Berlin: LIT Verlag. For more than a century a substantial South Asian minority has been living in Kenya. Within a few decades a majority of the Kenyan Asians has managed to transform their living conditions from an impoverished rural background in South Asia to a globalised and economically successful middle class in East Africa.

Therefore this research sets an example of migration as an opportunity for social mobility. The study is based on empirical data collected with South Asians in Kenya, who were differentiated by gender, age, migratory generation and other social boundaries.

Diaspora mortgages provide an affordable way to invest in property at home. steady rental income, they have the potential to reduce the carrying cost of your investment property in Kenya. Please speak to our advisers for up to date pricing.

Technical experts met Wednesday, 26 th August to chart pathways for addressing the challenges faced by chil. The COVID pandemic has brought to the fore, the focus on the rapidly growing shift to a digitalised economy across. See previous publications by clicking here. It is incontrovertible that the peace and security challenges experienced in Africa from the s put continental and international attention on the key roles played by young men and women in episodes of armed conflict and insecurity.

Since the last brief 14 July , 1,, new confirmed coronavirus disease COVID cases and 37, new deaths have been reported globally. Africa CDC shares a weekly brief detailing the latest developments in scientific knowledge and public health policy from around the world, as well as updates to the latest guidance from WHO and other public health agencies. Recommendations for Personal Protective Equipment PPE are detailed in the Africa CDC guidance on the use of personal protective equipment for different clinical settings and activities.

However, due to disruptions in the global supply chain, some African countries may face the risk of an acute shortage of PPE. Through the lens of governance, peace and security, the brief provides an overview of the Government responses to COVID, state of the economy, livelihoods, food security and public health, the impact of COVID on bilateral country relationships, regional borderlands dynamics and initiatives taken by African regional institutions.

Date of reopening courts for public set

The Council has conducted research on the causes of child marriage, including traditions, poverty, and a desire to protect daughters. Council research shows that marriage does not protect girls. Married girls are less educated than unmarried girls, they are more likely to face physical and sexual violence, and they engage in frequent, unprotected, and often unwanted sex, which raises their risk for unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Population Council projects are finding the most effective ways to end child marriage and to support married girls.

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This is to inform the general public that visa to Kenya can be obtained at all Kenyan Embassies or at points of entry to Kenya or online through the official eCitizen website- www. Visa fees must be paid on application in cash. Fees must be sent in cash for applications submitted through the post. Children under the age of 16 years and accompanying their parents are exempted from payment of visa fees and are not expected to make visa application. Only their valid travel documents will be required at the point of entry.

Visa application hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays : a. Visa collection hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays : p.

Dating and Relationships in Kenya.